Google Adwords

What it is
Google’s advertising service called Adwords is currently the most popular online advertising service.

How it Works
When you start using Adwords, you design your advertising campaign with their interface. Adding images, and writing a quick pitch to catch people’s eye. After designing your ad, you select your adwords, and Google steps in with it’s magic.
As you might guess from the title, Adwords uses a system of selecting key words that relate to your business, and uses those to deliver your ads to those people who would be most interested in it.
Google manages this by analysing all the searches, correlated data, and personal information that people feed into their digital ecosystem, and through their advanced digital systems, have created one of the best systems to push ads from the right people, to the right people.

Adwords uses a bidding system for keywords, so while some keywords can be quite expensive to have your ads shoot up to the top, you can select a lower amount to bid for the adspace related to a word, which means that your ads will show up after whomever is bidding higher, but will still show up when those higher bids have run through their per day, per week, or per month budget.
In a similar fashion, you can set your own daily, weekly, and or monthly budgets, so it’s easy to keep your spending under control.

How we can help
If you don’t want to bother with learning the ins and outs of Adwords, or other advertising systems, we can help develop the ads, and setup your campaign to best fit your needs.

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