Local Servers

Why use a local host?
Development of a website is a time consuming endeavor. If one wants to work on a website, without changing one’s current website, without hosting a subdomain, or just to tinker with things without endangering one’s settings, setting up a local host one’s computer is a great answer.

How do I start?
Local server setups, such as WAMP, LAMP, or MAMP are quite easy to set up, and free. Those acronyms stand for Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP, Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP, and Macintosh-Apache-MySQL-PHP, respectively. They are all related, with distinct framework for each OS. Once the local server is set up, they all function the same.
There are plenty of guides about setting up the appropriate local server for your system, so we won’t be going too in depth in that respect, but once everything is set up properly, the icon in the taskbar should be green, and if “localhost” is entered in a browser, a server config screen should appear.

This example uses, WAMP, as can be seen in the top right icon.

What do WAMP/LAMP/MAMP do?

That question is best broken down by the letters of the acronyms individually.
W-L-M, the operating system for which the package was developed. Each operating system works differently, so while not directly affecting the sites themselves, it lets one run them in the first place.

A – Apache HTTP server. The program that interprets and displays HTML that sites depend on to properly display their elements. If nothing else, this lets one’s computer act as a server, that is only accessible from itself by default.

M – MySQL. The database management system, MySQL handles data storage that is used by many web applications. Whether the applications are made from scratch, or widely distributed like WordPress.

P – PHP. A very common web scripting language, PHP is an industry standard, and a very versatile language. Though in some distributions, the P can stand for of PHP, Perl, Python, or any combination thereof.

With these tools, WAMP/LAMP/MAMP can help one tinker with premade sites, design whole new ones, or develop web applications without endangering any active websites, or allowing someone to mistakenly stumble upon a work in progress.

How we can help.

While setting up a local host and tinkering with a website can be done relatively quickly, learning how to design, develop, and implement websites is a much larger time commitment. Optimum Office can help, with our design and development team, we can build a stylish, modern, and functional website for a reasonable price, and help you host it.
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