Search Engine Optimization

Search Emgome Optimization, or SEO, is the practice of designing and maintaining websites in a manner that makes them rank higher up in search engine results.

There are several methods by which search engine determine site rankings, including search term relevance, links to site, and update frequency. Though these common ranking criteria are fairly well known, the exact methodology which each search engine used to rank websites is a closely guarded trade secret.

How to Optimize in Design

According to google, one of the best practices to optimize your website is to simply create content that users want to see. Chasing SEO trends, or artificially pushing terms for the benefit of a search engine ranking may adversely affect the content of your website.

When designing website content, it’s important to see it from the eyes of the users. Having easily understandable, well laid out content can help search engine bots read and interpret the contents of a webpage, and simply make your site more able to generate customers.

Beyond a good website, there are a few ways to optimize search ranking.

-Search Term Relevance
-Metadata Tags
-External Links
-Update Frequency

Search Term Relevance

When making websites, it’s important to consider the keywords that would bring your customer’s searches to you. Take a website for a niche service, say hydrographics, it’s important to be specific.
While a term like ‘custom design’ is important to bring in people who woldn’t know what the service is initially, the website must differentiate itself from painters and designers doing custom work. Having phrases like “water transfer” and “patern transfers” would be helpful to bring customers who would be interested in it.

The way keywords are set up will be covered in the Metadata Tags section.

Metadata Tags

Trying to reach a particular market is an important part of your SEO design. HTML meta tags are an effective way to make sure you reach the proper demographic.
Metadata tags aren’t displayed on the webpage itself, but are read by search engine bots to help categorize and order the results.
With tags like title, description, language, and character set, you can make sure your content makes it to the right place.

Meta tags are organized in the following format:

Quickly broken down in English, that means that when a search engine picks up a website, it will show a subtitle that reads “This is an example of a metadata tag”.
The other tags are just as self decriptive. When you want the search engine to read a particular title, set the name=”title” and content=”The Title”, when you want to add keywords to your site, set name=”keywords” and content=”your keyword1, your keyword 2, your keyword 3″, etc.

External Links

Here’s we’re not talking about your website linking to other services, but instead, other sites linking to your website. Links from reputable sites that lead people to your webpage are considered to be an endorsement of your services or content, and are important.
Maintaining your web presence is important to stay up in rankings.

Update Frequency

Finally, another important element of not dropping down ranks is to regularly update and review your ebsite’s content. While creating a website may seem like a one time investment, search engines do monitor the last time a webpage has been updated, and keeping that counter low is a fairly easy way to make sure your website doesn’t fall down into the ranks of obscurity.

How we can Help

Here at Optimum Office, we offer web design services, and can help you create a website that makes users want to come to you, and show you how to maintain your site to optimise search results.

Remember, we also offer accounting services which can help free up your time to focus on maintaining your online presence!

Take a look at our web design services and our bookkeeping services and don’t hesitate to contact us to see if there’s a way we can help your business thrive.

More information

Google offers lots of support to web designers, to try and optimize their content for their search engine, though their basic tips are applicable for all search engines.

Their youtube channel “Google Webmasters” provides some good advice in digestible videos.

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